Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Shrimp Caesar Salad & Butcher Shop Mixed Grill

Hello Friends,

We will be serving the following dinner specials tonight: 
  • Shrimp Caesar Salad . Southwestern style Caesar salad with smokey Caesar dressing, roasted red peppers, avocado, farm fresh romaine, Parmesan cheese, toasted rye, pumpernickel, and pullman white bread croutons . $18.99
  • Butcher Shop Mixed Grill: Tender cuts of USDA Prime New York, ribeye,  hanger steak marinated and grilled in a Yucatan spice mixture served with a twice baked potato and sauteed haricot verts with bacon and onions. $19.99
Please retrieve your dinners early, as we are following curfew and closing at 7:00pm.

We are located on the corner of 28th St. and P St. approximately six blocks west of Dupont Circle and 4 blocks north of M St. in Georgetown.

Thank You,
Stachowski Market

1 comment:

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