Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Starring... Stachowskis!

Check out not one, but two, articles featuring Stachowski's today. 

1. "D.C. Sandwiches That Don't Skimp on the Meat" from Eater D.C.: With at least 20 ounces of triple-smoked pastrami made right here at Stachowski's, our pastrami is certainly a sandwich with "a whole lotta meat." On Twitter, DMV Dining wondered if anyone can actually finish an entire sandwich. Could count those people on one hand. Save half for dinner or make your own pastrami hash for breakfast!

2.Zagat featured Stachowski's as one of "6 Non-Touristy Places to Eat in Georgetown", along with a few of our other favorite Georgetown spots! If you're a tourist, we'd of course love to have you--but savor the chance to experience the neighborhood! 

Thanks to Eater D.C. and Zagat! 

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